Our featured Guitars



half sized nylon strung guitar (in purple)
Available to order, other colours and sizes available



V300SBOFT - Vintage folk guitar sunburstAvailable to order


Ozark guitars -  full range of solid wood and laminate guitars.
This is a rather special 12 string with built in pick-up and tuner.
Available to order (Can demonstrate various models).

Stentor SX electric range

 Precision style bass, ST, TC and LP style guitars

Available to order

SX range of acoustic guitars

Several stater grade modelsAvailable to order


Italia Rimini 6 string electric guitar. Chambered body (also available as 12 string and twin neck) in various shades of sunburst and black.Available to order


We also get 3/4 sized and 1/2 sized classical guitars for example Jose Ferrer,  Falcon and Palma

AND an externsive range of accessories for guitars including: strings, straps, leads, picks, effects pedals etc. 

(To get more details about some of our featured instruments or reserve any of these instruments email - sales@settlemusic.co.uk)