Hints and Tips.

Violin Peg Paste

Paste for all occasions –

Friction plays a very important part in the tuning of stringed instruments but the pegs can become a problem over time.  They can either seize up or slip.  It’s not surprising therefore that there is a preparation to suit all occasions.  We keep both kinds in stock:

Hidersine Peg Paste. - This special formulation has been a staple ingredient in violin repairers and workshops for decades.  The unique recipe has been proven to significantly reduce peg slip. Just a small amount of the black cake is all that is required to stop slipping pegs.

Hill Peg Paste is a unique composition created for the W.E.Hill and Sons workshops designed to ease sticking pegs.  Soft composition supplied in a twistable cylinder.   You may be interested to know that W.E.Hill and Sons has been one of the finest marques in bowed instruments and bows since 1887. Based in London, William Ebsworth Hill and Sons employed the finest craftsmen for both instruments and bow making. However, even before this time, English restoration-period diarist, Samuel Peyps mentioned visiting William's forefather, Joseph Hill in the mid seventeenth century on matters orchestral.


 Feed your Fretboard with Lemoil
When you change your guitar strings why not take the opportunity to give it a good clean and feed the wood.  Consider using something like Lemoil on your fretboard.  It’s formulated for fingerboards and other oil-finished wood surfaces. It cleans, polishes, preserves and protects against drying, cracking and wear, and tones down scratches and blemishes. We keep Lemoil in stock so if you want to try it get in touch.

The case for stands and cases……. We see so many instruments that need repairing because they have either been dropped or have toppled over.  Machine heads bent, pegs snapped, head stocks broken off, mouth pieces cracked and brass dented.  Whilst we can repair and sort out most problems, prevention is always better than cure.  We have a range of stands and cases to hold instruments securely and protect them, which will prevent most of these accidents happening.