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Guitar Sessions

Future Sessions:

 See main session page for details of 2018 sessions:

 We'll be having a go at some new songs -

There is a songbook on Dropbox) get in touch for details of how to get it)

Here's a list and some links to clips of the original artists.

Alex Harvey Band – Boston Tea Party –  

Wishbone Ash - 'Blowin' Free' / 'The King Will Come'  -    / 

 TRex -  I Love To Boogie / Jeepster / Metal Guru / Telegram Sam –  / / 

 Sweet – Ballroom Blitz / Oxygen     / 

 Procol Harum – Salty Dog / Homburg / 

 Focus – Sylvia 

 10CC – Wall Street Shuffle / Dreadlock Holiday / Life Is A Minestrone / I’m Mandy Fly Me / The Things We Do For Love –   

(this link goes to the 10CC Youtube site so need to select individual songs from the list)

 Creedance Clearwater Revival – Up Around The Bend 

 Geneses – Follow You Follow Me 

 Bad Finger – No Matter What 

 Strawbs - Lay Down 

 Faces – Stay With Me /  Sweet Lady Mary / 

 Bellamy Bros – Let Your Love Flow 

 David Bowie – The Jean Genie 

Mcguinness Flint – When I’m Dead And Gone 

 George Mcrae – Rock Your Baby 

 Andy Kim – Rock Me Gently 

 Chris Rea – Auberge / The Blue Café / On The Beach / Let’s Dance / / 

 Jethro Tull -  Aqualung 

 Rick Springfield - Jessie's Girl 




Our Model: 

Everyone who comes along can choose 2/3 songs from the existing catalogue (or new ones) if they wish.  The criteria for choice will be as follows:
Song 1. A 3 chord rock and roll/blues/country song from 50's/60's (easy to play and learn)
Song 2. A well known song from any era. (a bit harder to play)
Song 3. A 'joker' eg a more difficult or obscure song. (something to exercise the brain as well as the fingers)

We'll find clips of the songs and other info and post them on a Guitar Session page on this site so everyone can familiarise themselves with them.

We will then spend 4-6 sessions working on those and perhaps get to a stage where we can record/perform them at the end of the cycle. After that we go through the same process with another set of songs for the next 4-6 sessions.


Yes, well, we wish it was really like this!!

Next set of songs - in brief:



Previous songs in more detail:

Song:                           Youtube Clip                                                (Ultimate) Guitar Tab

 Brown eyed handsome man
 Real gone kid
 Band on the run

 All I have to do is Dream
 Take it easy
 Song of the earth
 No guitar tab yet
Will send a pdf or notepad file containing this
 Memphis Tennessee
 Labelled with Love
 I just can't help believin'

  Ring of fire
Weather With You
 Twist &Shout

David W has created a notepad file containing an arrangement of this.


David W has created a notepad file containing an arrangement of this.


David W has created a notepad file containing an arrangement of this.

The Man Who Sold The World




Get in touch if you are interested (so that we can get an idea of numbers) or if you have any questions -